Our services include Preventive Maintenance Service for our contractual customers, we will provide at least 4 times of preventive maintenance service yearly with planned schedule. General Servicing -Check, flush & clean drain pan & drain pipe. -Clean & check air-filter. -Clean blower wheel and blade. -Lubricate rotatable parts if necessary. -Check and test system.

Chemical Servicing Overhaul -Check, flush & clean evaporator coil. – Dismantle and chemical flushing of fan coil unit and all parts. Dismantle and chemical flushing of drainage system. Check all electronic control components. - Check all setting. -Lubricate rotatable parts if necessary. -Clean & check condenser coil. -Check compressor suction and discharge pressure. -Top up of refrigerant gas. -Check and test system. Corrective Maintenance Service.

We provide professional troubleshooting to commercial customers. -Common air-conditioning problems include not being cold enough, too noisy, leaking water, not working, foul outdoor and icing. -After identifying the problems, our technician will propose solutions to customers or spare parts replacement.

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